Horror strikes yet again

One by one they to the evil succumb,
brainwashed angry and numb.
Martyrs they are to become,
drilled on by extremists twisted drum.

Packed with knives and explosives
of a deadly dire dosage,
behind the wheel they gloat
as they speed down the busy road.

The innocent victims enjoying their day,
not knowing the price there is to pay
for heading out with their child in hand;
– be careful where you stand!

There is no hiding from it,
whether you’re a John or a Schmidt.
Wherever, whenever, whoever,
lives will be changed forever.

The culprits responsibility declare
and the answer to their prayer
would be total chaos and fear
so away from that we must steer.

We must be strong and united
but not bent and blighted.
Justice will be done in the end
and our bleeding hearts mend.

Evolution of medicine

Evolution, evolution
begets a revolution,
but the path to change
is like a steep mountain range;
as eyes tend to be blurred
and peace will be stirred.

Semmelweis was harshly judged
on the journey he trudged
revealing the microbes existence
with the utmost persistence.
His case was hard to state
and exclusion his dreadful fate.

How many Semmelweises of today
from the conventional knowledge sway
reaping stunning solid results
that are judged as scary cults?
The pharmaceutically proven “facts”
seem the only acknowledged acts;
cure can only come from a pill
even though it might make you ill.

Have we abandoned the simple truth
and how natural foods can soothe?
How simple blood tests can detect
the deficiency that our health has wrecked?

We need to keep our minds ajar
and perhaps not look too far
as truth hasn’t changed that much,
already Hippocrates had the touch
believing in the natural healing process;
good diet, fresh air, rest and cleanliness.



Freedom of speech?

Freedom-of-Speech-united-states-of-america-21760995-960-720The start of oppressing times
with scrutinisation of opinions rhymes
only pre approved views are ok
not complying throws you in dismay.
To begin with it innocent may be
but as further enforced you start to see
that swimming against the stream
becomes an exhausting far away dream.
Day by day the frightened slowly silenced are
spreading with uncanny speed near and far
the roles suddenly become reversed
almost as if it’s been rehearsed

History should be our warning sign
shockingly unappealing like sour brine;
but modern Europe might well be next
and the future unbiased history text
could show how it slowly but surely took hold
with prisons and graveyards full of the opposing bold
and the ones that protected from criticism were
in the end made all the others endure

They head out to the rough sea

With all their savings goneboat people in rough seas
and from their nations’ shone
they head out to the rough sea
what would we do, you and me?
Could we the persecutions endure?
Would we long for a peaceful shore?
What if our life’s were threatened
our families exhausted and shattered
wouldn’t we grab the chance to be free
endanger our lives, you and me?

The journey itself pure hardship and pain
but yet so very much to gain
“Hang in there, soon we’ll be there,
in the new country where everything’s fair”better-life
they whisper in the ear of their child
trying to sound hopeful and beguiled.
How can their comfort be authentic
when their hearts are beating frantic?
What will it be like on the other side?
will they be accepted or still need to hide?
Feeling like they escaped a building in flames
staying alive being their only aims
after days of hunger, thirst and qualm
there’s a boat in sight – keep calm!
They call ahead and whip out a tow
but deemed for yet another blow;
“Why are they towing us further from land?
aren´t they going to lend us a helping hand?
We got away from the blazing fire
and only for peace have desire

The world really has no choice
but to hear the desperate voiceBoat people 1
of those who can’t live in their home
nor the streets of the western world roam.
But how will our societies fare
will fugitives for our culture’s care?
Can we accept them for who they are
coming from such a far?
The questions will be raised
either bluntly or with sugar glazed;
are we willing to share our wealth
to ensure the fugitives health?
Can we all in harmony live
are we willing to embrace and give?
That is the question that runs so deep
and we can’t under the carpet sweep

It happened on a bus

It happened on a busindian-daughter-film 4
it was supposed to be a hush, hush
like the many before her attacked
and the few cases ever cracked.
Why didn’t she just lie still
and let them have their will?
Instead of kicking and screaming
tears from her eyes streaming.
As she was brave enough to fight
instead of all her feelings hide,
they pulled her entire guts out
showing utmost contempt and flout.
Wrapped them up and threw away
as food for the cats so stray.

Why was she out after eight?
accompanied by a man so late?
Are you surprised she was raped?
asks the lawyer in ethics draped.
We must put women in their place
worship them in the temples with grace
and control them when they´re out of line
what is it anyway with all this whine?

Some have done this two hundred times
and gotten away with their crimes.
Why hang us, we were just putting her straight
for being out with a man so late?
Who will light our cremation now?
how can we to this sentence bow?
The families of the attackers ask
as they in the sentence bask.
The widowed wife only injustice sees
how can I thrive with any ease
now that they have taken him away?
They can’t treat his son like this, nay!

What about the daughter they lost,
abused and in the gutter tossed?
Their hope for a better life
so close to ending the strife.
As a doctor she would have healed
but instead to violence had to yield.

They took her to the hospital all empty inside
her beautiful eyes with worries filled wide
all her struggle suddenly made for naught,
“Mother, forgive me for the trouble I’ve brought”

Enough was enough and they rushed to the streets
the mob moving as huge angry fleets
but changing a nation will take its time
they won´t see that a rape is an awful crime
until women have reached an equal stance
having the freedom to show off a proud prance


Inspired by the film India’s daughter, BBC 2014





You are the creator of your own health

You are the creator of your own healthbeaming with health
and despite all the worlds’ wealth
you can’t buy your well-being
no more than without skis go skiing.
Watching what you eat and drink
yes, for sure there’s a link,
but  if you believe you are what you eat
you are in for a surprising treat
now it seems your thoughts matter the most.
You can from the top of your lungs boast
of your healthy style of living
buy if you´re no attention giving
to your worries about your health
your minds’ secrets so silent and stealth
could sneak upon you and wear you down
even while you´re donning your gown.
Be thankful for the health you´ve got
and carefully down the right path trot,
the one where you see yourself shine
and your mind will keep you fine!

Inspired by an article on bbc.com by David Robson: “The contagious thought that could kill you”


Winter´s charm

Another Monday has passed and gonevetrartré
and the sun never for a moment shone.
Winters charm is upon us now
some days the heavy snow we plow
others the rain bathes our face
and makes us pick up our pace
because staying dry and warm
from winters teasing storm
is what makes for a cozy night
lit up by the flickering candle light.
With a well written book in hand
I surrender to dreams seductive land…

Politically correct – the order of the day

albert-einstein-physicist-quote-few-people-are-capable-of-expressing-withWho decides what you think
and when to blink?
The media with all its power?
Trusting they each subject scour
from their blab we our opinions form
never straying from the norm
the order of the day
is to never far sway
from what is popular belief
and we undergo so lief.
Why are certain opinions correct
but others forcefully decked?
Is it ok the Americans to mock
or call the conservative a gawk?
Is it ok to ridicule the jew
looking orthodox in the queue?
Why aren’t these opinions upon frowned
and prejudice like found?
While other thoughts can’t even be thought
and we would never want to be caught
saying something so utterly “wrong”
that goes against the popular song.
Politically correct is the word of the day
be careful of what you say…

Decisions, decisions

Getting a dog or a cat
donning a cap or a hat
eating a frog or a duckdecisions 2
driving a bus or a truck.
Decisions make up our life
making it poor or rife
resulting in what we are
whether we are up to par
or from the mainstream outcast
after living perhaps too fast.
We must have a direction
guided by our affection
each decision bringing us near
despite our innate fear
to the person we long to be
the one that truly feels as “me”

Inspired by Ruth Changs´TED talk


Perfectionism – are you a friend of yourself?

Striving to be perfect all the time
for the soul is nothing short of a crime
the slightest of slips
becoming wrecks of ships
but made by others only trivial blips
not worth forming on the lips

Understanding once and for allperfectionism
before on our health it takes a toll
perfection is not to be desired
and not even the least required
for our journey on this earth
and never adds to our worth

Isn’t it the exception but not the rule
that makes the rose so cool?
Or the highest mountain so unique
and the zebra’s stripe’s so mystique?

Then why do we tear ourselves down
for not having the perfect gown
or acting always in the right way
as we from our path a little stray?
If it were our best friend’s gown
we wouldn’t for a second frown
even pat her on the back
not even thinking what the heck

me_205_loveyourselfIt’s time we treat ourselves as friends
celebrating all the winding bends
causing us to tire and trip
but never wreck a ship,
Mistakes make us learn and mature
without them we would sure be a bore…