Horror strikes yet again

One by one they to the evil succumb,
brainwashed angry and numb.
Martyrs they are to become,
drilled on by extremists twisted drum.

Packed with knives and explosives
of a deadly dire dosage,
behind the wheel they gloat
as they speed down the busy road.

The innocent victims enjoying their day,
not knowing the price there is to pay
for heading out with their child in hand;
– be careful where you stand!

There is no hiding from it,
whether you’re a John or a Schmidt.
Wherever, whenever, whoever,
lives will be changed forever.

The culprits responsibility declare
and the answer to their prayer
would be total chaos and fear
so away from that we must steer.

We must be strong and united
but not bent and blighted.
Justice will be done in the end
and our bleeding hearts mend.

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