Having fun at the airport

Waking up at the crack of dawnxray
trying to control a huge yawn,
you stand in the long line
looking forward to sip some foreign wine.
Leaving your home as an honest person
you now suddenly change into the criminal version;
“Put your belt and shoes in the tray,
no liquids, by the way!”
The voice so demanding and rude
– obey or we will shoot!
With your personal belongings removed
they need to have your body approved;
“Stand with your hands above your head
are you concealing metal or lead?
Don’t you dare to speak or smile
or they’ll put you in their file.
They’ll have you x-rayed to the bone
you’ve never felt so alone.
“Beep, beep” and your taken aside
don’t you dare to put up a fight.
Now they’ll feel you up and down
thank God you wore a long gown.
Your self esteem sinking to the ground
you try not to make a sound.
You pass the test one more time
and will have your chance to sip some wine,
you get your belt and shoes on back
and think to yourself what the heck;
it’s the price for modern traveling to pay
thanks to the bloody terrorists, ay?

Has the world gone completely mad?
Willingly we put up with being considered bad
all obey without uttering a word
forming a silent compliant herd
thinking it’s the price for safety to pay
but surely they could come up with a better way…

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