It happened on a bus

It happened on a busindian-daughter-film 4
it was supposed to be a hush, hush
like the many before her attacked
and the few cases ever cracked.
Why didn’t she just lie still
and let them have their will?
Instead of kicking and screaming
tears from her eyes streaming.
As she was brave enough to fight
instead of all her feelings hide,
they pulled her entire guts out
showing utmost contempt and flout.
Wrapped them up and threw away
as food for the cats so stray.

Why was she out after eight?
accompanied by a man so late?
Are you surprised she was raped?
asks the lawyer in ethics draped.
We must put women in their place
worship them in the temples with grace
and control them when they´re out of line
what is it anyway with all this whine?

Some have done this two hundred times
and gotten away with their crimes.
Why hang us, we were just putting her straight
for being out with a man so late?
Who will light our cremation now?
how can we to this sentence bow?
The families of the attackers ask
as they in the sentence bask.
The widowed wife only injustice sees
how can I thrive with any ease
now that they have taken him away?
They can’t treat his son like this, nay!

What about the daughter they lost,
abused and in the gutter tossed?
Their hope for a better life
so close to ending the strife.
As a doctor she would have healed
but instead to violence had to yield.

They took her to the hospital all empty inside
her beautiful eyes with worries filled wide
all her struggle suddenly made for naught,
“Mother, forgive me for the trouble I’ve brought”

Enough was enough and they rushed to the streets
the mob moving as huge angry fleets
but changing a nation will take its time
they won´t see that a rape is an awful crime
until women have reached an equal stance
having the freedom to show off a proud prance


Inspired by the film India’s daughter, BBC 2014





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