Perfectionism – are you a friend of yourself?

Striving to be perfect all the time
for the soul is nothing short of a crime
the slightest of slips
becoming wrecks of ships
but made by others only trivial blips
not worth forming on the lips

Understanding once and for allperfectionism
before on our health it takes a toll
perfection is not to be desired
and not even the least required
for our journey on this earth
and never adds to our worth

Isn’t it the exception but not the rule
that makes the rose so cool?
Or the highest mountain so unique
and the zebra’s stripe’s so mystique?

Then why do we tear ourselves down
for not having the perfect gown
or acting always in the right way
as we from our path a little stray?
If it were our best friend’s gown
we wouldn’t for a second frown
even pat her on the back
not even thinking what the heck

me_205_loveyourselfIt’s time we treat ourselves as friends
celebrating all the winding bends
causing us to tire and trip
but never wreck a ship,
Mistakes make us learn and mature
without them we would sure be a bore…





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