The best diet ever

What if we could stop worrying about getting fat and enjoy eating delicious food guilt free?

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With so many diet fads popping up all the time it is no wonder that people get confused regarding what to eat and what not to eat. We have become so alienated away from healthy natural food in its simplest form that we forget how to enjoy eating guilt free. It is no wonder that we are victims of obesity when the so called western diet consists more and more of things that we would not buy to put in the meals that we prepare ourselves at home let alone that our ancestors would have used for food preparing. Would you ever go grocery shopping and buy high fructose corn syrup, aspartame or nitrites to use in the supper you were going to serve your family? If we wouldn’t use these ingredients when preparing food at home why should we devour them in prepared fast food meals?

What is the best diet?Natural Food

When it comes to choosing the best diet there really is only one solution; eat naturally. Take a look at the food items in your pantry and throw away the ones that contain unnatural stuff that you don’t even recognize as food. Start eating the way we were supposed to eat; eat real food . Real food that is derived from nature, like vegetables, fruits and grains. If you want to eat meat and chicken think about what these animals have been fed. If they have been fed unnatural processed food that is precisely what the meat from them will be like – unnatural. Do not add a lot of extra salt to your food since natural food contains enough salt. Drink what the body is made up of – water! It all comes down to eating food that contains ingredients that you recognize as natural. White sugar for example is not a natural product since it has been heavily processed and washed with chlorine. White flour isn’t either.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to the best diet ever

There are no shortcuts in maintaining a healthy weight and a good health. You have to both put in the time at the grocery store to find healthy natural food and the time for preparing your food yourself. The sad fact is that up to 80 or even 90% of the food available in supermarkets is unnatural and way too processed to be healthy for anyone. Time consuming? Yes, but think about all the years that you can enjoy good health and an ideal weight. If your diet consists of natural unprocessed food you shouldn’t have to worry about obesity or diseases like diabetes. Of course you have to take it all the way and remember to exercise regularly as well.



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