They head out to the rough sea

With all their savings goneboat people in rough seas
and from their nations’ shone
they head out to the rough sea
what would we do, you and me?
Could we the persecutions endure?
Would we long for a peaceful shore?
What if our life’s were threatened
our families exhausted and shattered
wouldn’t we grab the chance to be free
endanger our lives, you and me?

The journey itself pure hardship and pain
but yet so very much to gain
“Hang in there, soon we’ll be there,
in the new country where everything’s fair”better-life
they whisper in the ear of their child
trying to sound hopeful and beguiled.
How can their comfort be authentic
when their hearts are beating frantic?
What will it be like on the other side?
will they be accepted or still need to hide?
Feeling like they escaped a building in flames
staying alive being their only aims
after days of hunger, thirst and qualm
there’s a boat in sight – keep calm!
They call ahead and whip out a tow
but deemed for yet another blow;
“Why are they towing us further from land?
aren´t they going to lend us a helping hand?
We got away from the blazing fire
and only for peace have desire

The world really has no choice
but to hear the desperate voiceBoat people 1
of those who can’t live in their home
nor the streets of the western world roam.
But how will our societies fare
will fugitives for our culture’s care?
Can we accept them for who they are
coming from such a far?
The questions will be raised
either bluntly or with sugar glazed;
are we willing to share our wealth
to ensure the fugitives health?
Can we all in harmony live
are we willing to embrace and give?
That is the question that runs so deep
and we can’t under the carpet sweep

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