You are the creator of your own health

You are the creator of your own healthbeaming with health
and despite all the worlds’ wealth
you can’t buy your well-being
no more than without skis go skiing.
Watching what you eat and drink
yes, for sure there’s a link,
but  if you believe you are what you eat
you are in for a surprising treat
now it seems your thoughts matter the most.
You can from the top of your lungs boast
of your healthy style of living
buy if you´re no attention giving
to your worries about your health
your minds’ secrets so silent and stealth
could sneak upon you and wear you down
even while you´re donning your gown.
Be thankful for the health you´ve got
and carefully down the right path trot,
the one where you see yourself shine
and your mind will keep you fine!

Inspired by an article on by David Robson: “The contagious thought that could kill you”


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