What would I do if I ruled the world?

So what would I do if the whole world I ruled?

Save The World

(some people over less would have drooled)

Would I ban all industry and get the world clean?

There would be no pollution but economy would be lean.

What about transporting food by air

how can the pollution caused by that be fair?

Should I boost healthcare or cut it down?

Is it perhaps becoming the rich man’s clown?

Do I lengthen by days the life of the old

or vaccinate hundreds of children so their lives can unfold?

Do we continue to produce expensive drugs

and sweep the real problems under the rugs?

How come we haven’t cured the simple stuff

that affect the ones who have it rough?

Why do people still in cardboard boxes sleep

while others for mankind took a giant expensive leap?

The questions keep piling up and the more I know

sometimes the less I feel I’ve got to show.