Does the modern workplace suit us all?

setting the mind freeSitting in the traffic on our way
to where we’ll spend the rest of our day,
(trapped inside while the sun is shining
instead of on the balcony reclining,
happily working at our own pace
away from the office race)
we reflect upon our hectic  life
feeling like we can barely strife.

Why have we so far from nature strolled
all being shaped in the same old mould
made to believe that this is the norm
the only shelter from the storm?

vinna í garðstól


Where do our minds work the best
if not when the least stressed?
The ideas come pouring in
while comfortable in our skin
concentrating the best we can
without distractions of a rigid plan.
Maybe we need to rethink it all
as many have had a close call
their precious health taken away
keeping their needs and feelings a bay
trying to cope with all the demands
struggling with a leash on their hands.

What we need is more freedom at work
rejecting the old office clerk
controlling our own time and space
saving our health and grace!
The workplace will gain as well
as productivity numbers tell
more freedom means better health
a basis for producing wealth….

When will all women enjoy the freedom they deserve?

Flying ButterflyWhen will the world become a place
where all humans are treated with grace
and girls wont vanish without a trace
to be sold into slavery’s mace?

When will we be from ignorance safe
remembering what got us out of the cave;
a brave heart and an open mind
combined with the will to be man-kind

When will women be allowed to choose
and from enforcement let loose?
When will the pouring of acid stop

and taken away the bitter cup
of having to serve the abuser

while no one listens to the accuser?

Lets hope that all women one day
will leave behind the horrific dismay
and breathe the fresh air of freedoms glory;
the start of a new chapter in man kinds’ story


Prevention – how can we influence people’s choices?

preventionPrevention, prevention
it’s not a new invention
but we haven’t succeeded yet
in changing people’s’ mind set
The message is out there
and it seems so unfair
that no matter how much we nag
and put up yet another red flag
people’s bodies take up more space
at an alarming pace
still too many around the world smoke
leading to cancer, emphysema and stroke
couch potatoes in abundance are
and making it all worse is the car.

Most of the measures taken so far
reached only the ones that well off are
not the ones that need it the most
and even of their lifestyles boast
We need to find new avenues
based on changing attitudes
working together as a team
creating a whole new theme
starting with the local parks
making sure they light a spark
especially in the slums of town
so desperately needing a new “gown”
getting people to go out and play
will help keep diseases away
easy access to cheap healthy food
will change the local mood
maybe even crime will decrease
and with time altogether cease
Making sure the school’s top-notch are
will make the students all a star
These measures outshine any campaign
now lets not do any more work in vain



Can we have it all without it taking its toll?

Can we have it allhomeless
without it taking its toll?
Can we in our luxury splash
while others search the trash?
Passing them on the street averting our eyes
we can’t help but hear the cries
of the ones that have no roof
the ones that have gone aloof.
They stretch out a hand for a cent
but trained to ignore we keep our heads bent.
We donate them our worn out shirts
and our last seasons’ ugly skirts
all to keep our conscience clean
even better if we’re donating seen.

Why is this problem so hard to fix?
when will we find the right tricks
and governments learn to put what matters first?
Quenching all their citizens thirst
not just the thirst of the ones with power
but also the ones the streets in vain hover.
How much could it cost to self empower
feed, house and even shower
treat for addiction and diseases
until all the wailing ceases?

Just a fraction of what’s spent on war
war that makes the number of the homeless soar.

The precious gift of time

One by one the wrinkles arrive
as we for youths’ beauty still strive.
We should welcome the gift of years
given so freely instead of tears
tears that are shed for the ones we lose
still young and bereft of the chance to choose

Life is a gift to be treasuredSnæfellsjökull
and not in wrinkles measured
and the further we travel on
our fears of failure almost gone
what does it matter what others say
or how many golden eggs we lay?
As long as we’re true to ourselves
and find our fitting shelves

Time being so precious
a word for the cautious;
there’s still time we think
to take it all in and blink
but what do we know of the path ahead
maybe we should hurry and make our bed
where we long to be the most
and say farewell to the old ghost;
that daily routine of ours
shortening our lives in hours
hours that could be better spent
with our backs less for others bent

It’s time to take the plunge
follow your whispering hunch
and without further dismay
go to wherever it lead you may

Looking for happiness?

WP_000175We search for it high and low
longing to find its glow
because when found all is well
and we’ll be able to dwell
under the moonlit sky
having reached our optimum high

Until found, all is on hold
¨keep searching¨ we’re told.
Running up and down the hills
paying the mounting bills
until we exhausted fall apart
with blood pressure off the chart

While all along we could have stopped
and off the ¨wagon¨ hopped
to take in the beauty around
listen to natures’ sound
enjoyed our loved ones more
not making daily life a chore

Happiness is all around
and right now to be found
in the moments if we only look;
when reading the plainest book,
having dinner with the candles lit.
Learn to enjoy it bit by bit
relax and take it all in
as you happiness on your side win



To all the ones fighting cancer

Life‘s injustices can hit you hard
and catch you quite off guard.
When you feel like you need to scream and shout
sometimes it’s better to just breath in and out
let what‘s happening float slowly by
and stop asking the big old why.

Time will pass although you feel like you hit a status quo
and easier times will return before you know
you‘ll put it behind you but never be the same
and from then on as a hero play life‘s game

Making healthy choices

You go to the clinic for a cure
you think they know it all for sure,
but why don’t they ask you what you eat?
Could explain the fungus on your feet
or the heartburn gnawing at your chest.
Is it the meat like once you guessed?

What if we all would see the light,
and make all our choices right
start exercising and healthy eating?
Our hearts would soon be happily beating.
Oh the joy of being with good health blessed,
even better than you could have guessed.


Empty nest

Empty nest

You prepare the nest,
nature takes care of the rest.
The babies arrive
and you help them thrive.
After years of laughter and tears
you‘re forced to face your worst “fears”.
They‘re all grown up and ready,
even already going steady.
You try to back off with grace
as you help them find a place.

You can only hope that the world will treat them nice
and that they‘ll stay good and wise.

What do we need to lead a healthy life?

For the individual to preserve his health

it doesn’t take a whole lot of wealth.

image photo : Colorful fresh group of vegetables and fruits

Clean water and food is the primary act

then sewage is needed, that is a fact.

Regulations and transportation all for survival are

neccessary I guess in the near and far.

Democracy, transparency and women’s rights

tend to ignite endless fights

and all need to be lifted to new heights.

What about medical care?

Apart from the acute needs we share

again and again we seem to hear

No Smoking

that healthcare’s role is not too clear

and may not add years to our lives after all

so maybe we healthcare workers should shift our role

from being caught up in the system’s tangled net

to becoming political messengers that can truly get

the effect on health that suits our needs

and sow the urgent precautionary seeds

as health consequences take years to reap

and the causes tend to hide oh so deep.