Politically correct – the order of the day

albert-einstein-physicist-quote-few-people-are-capable-of-expressing-withWho decides what you think
and when to blink?
The media with all its power?
Trusting they each subject scour
from their blab we our opinions form
never straying from the norm
the order of the day
is to never far sway
from what is popular belief
and we undergo so lief.
Why are certain opinions correct
but others forcefully decked?
Is it ok the Americans to mock
or call the conservative a gawk?
Is it ok to ridicule the jew
looking orthodox in the queue?
Why aren’t these opinions upon frowned
and prejudice like found?
While other thoughts can’t even be thought
and we would never want to be caught
saying something so utterly “wrong”
that goes against the popular song.
Politically correct is the word of the day
be careful of what you say…

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