Evolution of medicine

Evolution, evolution
begets a revolution,
but the path to change
is like a steep mountain range;
as eyes tend to be blurred
and peace will be stirred.

Semmelweis was harshly judged
on the journey he trudged
revealing the microbes existence
with the utmost persistence.
His case was hard to state
and exclusion his dreadful fate.

How many Semmelweises of today
from the conventional knowledge sway
reaping stunning solid results
that are judged as scary cults?
The pharmaceutically proven “facts”
seem the only acknowledged acts;
cure can only come from a pill
even though it might make you ill.

Have we abandoned the simple truth
and how natural foods can soothe?
How simple blood tests can detect
the deficiency that our health has wrecked?

We need to keep our minds ajar
and perhaps not look too far
as truth hasn’t changed that much,
already Hippocrates had the touch
believing in the natural healing process;
good diet, fresh air, rest and cleanliness.



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